Crown of the Sorcerer King

Second Moves

Across the Dark

A night outside of the marshes was the best thing for us. We’re still a few days away from our deadline of eight days. The top of the hill outside the forest gives a great vantage point of the valley below. A dark fog hangs in the valley cut by the river. According to the party that came before the dark mist was the cause of most of their problems.

We argue and discuss and do high math about the best way to cross the mist. The barbarian notices that the mist has been slowly making its way up the hill to our location. We barely our way across windwalking. The mist sends out tendrils from below but to no avail as we glide across the valley below.

Once on the other side, the castle looms ahead. It is solid black and constructed of some kind of deep obsidian. It is a perfect cube with no towers or crenelations. With windwalking still in effect we look around the castle exterior and find no windows, doors, or other opening other than the portcullis-guarded opening in the front. There is also a moat of unknown depth around the castle.

About the time we take in the castle, we notice two other figures looking around: a rogue and the Ranger from the other failed party. They seem trustworthy to us so we let them join the party.

The entrance to the castle has two posts by it and radiates magic according the wizard. While stealthy, the rogue decided to get close and check things out. He noticed arrow slits in the short entryway beside the main door. The door opens and out pour several ogres. Also, darkness emanates from the two posts. An invisibility purge shows it cast from two orge magi. The barbarian, ranger, and paladin make short work of the ogres while the cleric and wizard made short work of the magi advantages. All the while, the rogue backstabbed away.

With the ogres out of the way, we walked into the castle. As soon as we were all in the portcullis dropped with finality. Three doors in front of us were waiting. The paladin opened the door to see a long dining hall In three corners of the room are large stone statues and above the table is a swirling mass of black forms. Once we step foot into the room, the battle began.

We backed into the hall way as the shadows and wights attacked. A round of ability damage hurt, but the paladin and cleric called upon their deities to blast the undead away from us. Then the stone golems came to life. After many rounds of damage and a slow every other round, we succeeded. I have say though that a weel-placed wall of force helped the part much. Also, the cleric saved the rogue in the nick of time with breath of life. Clearly, the rogue owes the cleric a beer.



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